Take your child to 1 of those amazing European capitals

It obviously is easier to travel with another adults – then, it doesn’t really matter if those adults are members of your family of friends. The most relevant issue is that they would most possibly have similar approach as yours and would enjoy doing similar things while on the trip abroad. You may be sure that in every European city you will manage to find something interesting to do for you as well as your companion. However, the real challenge might be travelling with children. They most possibly will not want to visit too many museum or churches. You absolutely have to select attractions for kids more carefully. And this article might help you in this – it shows 2 European capitals, that are to visit with your child.

First suggestions is Paris. Flights from warsaw to paris do not take long, thus daughters and sons will not get bored with the travel. What’s more, there are many things in Paris created specially for children. It might be enough to mention famous Disneyland. Doubtlessly, every child will be very happy with possibility to spend some time in this amazing Disney village! What’s more, there are also great museums in Paris which kids will obviously enjoy – click there. First of them is the Magic Museum. In the museum children will be able to see extraordinary magical tricks as well as become familiar with broadly understand illusion.

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The second museum is the Chocolate Museum. It briefly presents the story of chocolate.


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However, it presents it in such engaging way, that every kid would be just fascinated with this! There is also a floor of the museum that presents how chocolate is produced. However, the most waited part of it is presumably the last one – the chocolate shop! There you can buy your children 1 of many types of chocolate – . This will unquestionably made his/her day! In consequence, don’t hesitate any longer – check flights from warsaw to paris and let your kids and yourself enjoy this magical city!


Źródło: pixabay.com

Second city which is very convenient option can be reached right after you will take flights to Belgrade. This capital of Serbia got a lot of to offer to the youngest. Many activities are conducted during the summer and this seems to be finest moment to take your children to this magical city. Then, your children could see amazing outdoor theatre, with beautiful puppets. And this is not needed to know the local language to understand the show! There are also tons of great parks for picnics. You could also visit very well-kept Serbian zoo, and observe such animals as tigers, giraffes, hippopotamus, penguins and seals and so on. Doubtlessly, if you book flights to Belgrade, your child will definitely enjoy this holiday!

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