Quick weekend in Europe? Try out those two cities!

<div style="text-align:justify">Since cheap airline agencies arrived, we have plenty of opportunities to tour whole around the Europe. We could go for a longer vacations, meet our friends abroad or maybe fly for work. Second alternative is to have a four days long weekend, only to admire some fascinating city. Now you will get to know, why Budapest and Hamburg are equally worth to be explorer.</div>

Since cheap airline corporations appeared, we have a lot of opportunities to tour whole around the Old Continent. We can go for a longer holidays, meet our family abroad or possibly fly for work. Another option is to have a four days long weekend, just to admire any interesting city. Now you may get to know, why Budapest and Hamburg are equally worth to be explorer.

First of it, is a main city of Hungary, little country in the West of Europe. Couple dozens years ago, no one from Eastern area of Continent were visiting it, but everything have changed, since this lovely district became a member of EU. If you like to get fine offer for flights to Budapest, get ready, cause there are plenty of travelers looking for it. This town is becoming more and more popular. Nice weather, homely inhabitants, sophisticated buildings and history.


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Speaking of which, have you heard, that Buda and Pest were two different cities, linked in the early XIX century (click). You could find there a lot of wonderful monuments form Medieval era and plenty of younger ones. If you are planning a romantic travel with your fiancee, you should definitely go for a cruise around all the antic bridges over the Danube river. If you like to have a relax, you can visit one out of many traditional baths, the town is known for it. You can have a nice time in the warm mineral water, get a massage or facial. To find a flights to Budapest, just visit local airline agency’s website.

Second interesting city, but entirely different, is Hamburg. Pearl of the Northern Germany is located near to the Baltic Sea. It is one of the firsts metropolis in this area, so lover of architecture supposed to be satisfied. But regrettably, just at the old town you could find any well Gothic buildings, the rest of the Hamburg was smashed by a bomb during the World War Two. But because of it, and of newest urban architecture, the landscape is very amazing. You will see very ancient buildings situated


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next to the earliest one – the panorama is wonderful Second interesting thing about it architecture, is attendance of some Renaissance secular mansions – it is very rare. If you want to visit this nice town, it wouldn’t be an issue. Flghts to Hamburg are available almost in every bigger airfield all around the Continent. Also, it is a big center of intercontinental travels, so you could visit it as a step of bigger adventure. If you are an admirer of a nature, go for a cruise to Japanese Garden, the biggest in the Old Continent.

Europe is a beautiful but tiny land. You can explore here many of wonderful places, not only large metropolis, but also well examples of wildlife. If you are planning to get a flghts to Hamburg or Budapest, you just have to use online web. By typing correct phrase to your browser, you will get many of results for the cheapest offers. But be aware that during summer, the prices are higher, cause plenty of passengers are traveling then.

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