Insulating the elevation: is it profitable?

<div style="text-align:justify">In many countries, it is difficult to picture the cold months with no heating inside the buildings. Unfortunately, a lot of people complain that costs of the heating are really high.</div>

In many countries, it is hard to picture the wintertime with no heating inside the buildings. Sadly, a lot of people complain that heating costs are really big.

The first solution is to put on three layers of clothes at home. In fact, a better way to solve that problem and save some money is external wall insulation. naturally it is not needed in all cases.
In which situation is it needed?
Many older buildings are not very well insulated. These days, buildings’ construction normally incorporate insulation, but some years ago it was not so natural. Before using the appropriate material, the special expertise ought to be conducted. The specialists may check which walls should be taken into consideration and how big the depletion of heat is.
Which material to pick?
Later, the components have to be chosen. The most common are styrofoam and mineral wool. The choice ought to be consulted with the firm that sets up the insulation. In general, wool has good acoustic insulation so it may be applied in case of loud places. It has higher fire resistance too. Polystyrene has lower wettability. Both materials are relatively cheap. Of course, there are other options, for example polyurethane foam, however they are more expensive.
external wall insulation

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What are the main advantages?
First of all, it improves the comfort of living. If external wall insulation is applied, there is no necessity to heat so intensively or be at home in thick jumpers to feel not cold. Next, the heating charges decrease.

After several years it turns out that this investment had been reasonable. Last but not least, the elevation looks newer and more aesthetic. What more could anyone wish?

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