Correlation between development of technology and intensity of trade as an attribute that highly influences the future of this sector

<div style="text-align:justify">Increasing amount of people contemporarily tend to find out that a lot of the commodities they use every day come from another country. About 50 years ago for example for majority of customers purchasing something that would be developed in another country used to be believed as something luxury.</div>

More and more people nowadays tend to discover that a lot of the commodities they use daily come from another country. About five decades ago inter alia for significant percentage of customers having something that would be developed in another country used to be believed as something luxury.


Autor: Paul van de Velde
Nevertheless, as it has already been analyzed in the top section, development of technology and rising pace of growth is related to the fact that, firstly, the intensity of trade has also increased substantially. Hence, currently purchasing a commodity that has been made in another country is not an exception, but routine. It is implied by the fact that, above all, owing to improvement of the transport infrastructure, building of new motorways as well as intensified airplane transports, it is often significantly more attractive for a country to import cheaper products from another one even counting the expenses of the transport. An attractive example here is connected for example with solutions produced in eastern side of Europe that are transferred to the western side such as Polish furniture that is thought to be the most reliable and attractive.

As it has been presented above, trade has become more and more intensified owing to various reasons. One of those is improvement of the topic of logistics that allow us to reduce the costs of the transport. Hence, great number of new enterprises that aim is to maximize the service standard minimizing the expenses at the same time. This implies that transferring miscellaneous commodities even more than one thousand kilometers, thanks to the efforts of the above mentioned specialists has never been so cheaply available.

As a result, trade with no doubt belongs to areas that have beautiful future in front of itself. It is proved by the fact that the globalization is more and more accepted by the people worldwide, which proves that the above analyzed topic has great place for further development.

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