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<div style="text-align:justify">Residing in Poland gives a lot opportunities. You can improve your skills, posses lots of pals, get to know the society better and be a user of large polish household. Nonetheless, not every little thing is available if you are unable to communicate in the local language – polish.</div>

Living in Poland offers lots opportunities. You may develop your techniques, posses many buddies, get to know the culture better and be a member of huge polish household. Still, not every small thing is possible if you are unable to communicate in the native language – polish.


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For that factor, it is essential to consider joining one of the polish program. The text will present one of the companies which is a head in teaching Polish. The company name is PO POLSKU POLISH FOR PROFESSIONALS GURDAK (Gurdak – best polish for professionals – ).
What are the leading powerful factors of the organization?

• The business offers professional words courses at each level – it means that if you may talk at certain stage, you do not need study the same content, you can develop your skills from any level.
• The business is on the marketplace for fifteen years – 15 years is an enough time to achieve stable position of the market. It is also a sufficient time to teach plenty of pupils.

• The company hires just professional teachers – the teachers who are hired in the Gurdak’s business are qualified and knowledgeable employees who know how to teach to achieve the expected results. Furthermore, the majority of the instructors are also proficient in English and German which is an additional advantage.

• The personnel is regularly trained – the business constantly teaches the teachers because the owner of the business believes that graduating of the college is not sufficient to be a good and certified instructor.


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• The language college has produced its own course books. It contains also multimedia software which can be used while the lessons and at the students’ houses. The pupils can have frequent access to the lessons materials.

News are updating in regular basis – current content ( will be everytime helpful. If you want to read more, visit this page, where we collected all relevant info.

The authentic course book will help the students to learn more and quicker.

• The person courses for everyone anytime – the school manager understands that the majority of people from another countries who reside in Poland work until nights. As a consequence, the school offer is very flexible so everybody can learn anytime they would like to.

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